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Better Water

Frederik Staal is the harbormaster in Ishøj Harbor. In regards to protecting the environment, which is one of his big concerns, he has taken the initiative to replace all the water hoses in the harbor.

The change occurred in week 28 after he had bought 2,5 kilometer of water hoses.

- We have change the water hose with a better product, because the ordinary water hose contains, among other things, endocrine disrupters, which can affect both the environment and people.  In my opinion we have an obligation to think about the environment, and since the hose was to be change, it was only natural to choose a more environmentally friendly hose. People use the hoses for drinking and because of that it’s not sustainable that the hose contains endocrine disrupters, which is released by the heat of the sun. The new hose is UV-protected and free from endocrine disrupters and was originally made for the food industry, says Frederiks Staal and adds:

- We are one of the few harbors in Denmark that have taken this initiative.

For the tenth consecutive year Ishøj harbor has got the blue flag and that is, according to the harbormaster, a signal and a sincere wish to do what is best for the environment.

- With this initiative we want to show that we care about the environment, and at the same time we would like to get Ishøj on the map. My personal goal is to get Ishøj Harbor in the top 10 of most attractive harbors in Denmark, says Frederik Staal.

Although 2.5 km long water hose sound like much, it was quickly used.

It sounds like a lot, but it was not. We have 11 bridges on the Lobster-side and 10 on Seahorse-side. Some of the bridges are long, and you can quickly use 150 meters of hose on a bridge, if there are three water stations, says harbormaster.

In his opinion it is reasonable to buy a big amount of water hoses, which he spend less than 25.0000 kroner on.

- In the past we have bought hoses on a regularly basis and it is costly and a waste of resources, concludes Frederik Staal.

 see original on: http://sn.dk/Ishoej/Nye-slanger-giver-bedre-vand-i-havn/artikel/501872

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